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On forwarding the notice of the national "Ankang Cup" related activities carried out by the China Construction Association and the national "Ankang Cup" competition group
2023/5/6 9:17:23

Provincial construction industry associations, municipal construction industry associations, branches of the Association, member units:

We hereby forward to you two notices from China Construction Industry Association and the Office of the National Ankang Cup Competition Organizing Committee on carrying out the National Ankang Cup staff Safety emergency skills and Knowledge Competition and safety culture publicity activities。Please participate actively in accordance with the actual situation. Each participating unit will organize learning and answering activities according to the requirements2023930A few days ago, the answer sheet will be mailed to the event organizer Beijing Guohong Ankang Company (see the notice of the National Ankang Cup Competition group Commission Office)20231号】);

Each recommended unit should promptly do a good job of safety culture publicity and employee safety emergency skills and knowledge competition answer information summary and summary of the development of the activity, stamped with the official seal2023930Recently mailed to the China Construction Industry Association Building Safety and Machinery Branch (attached to the notice of China Construction Industry Association)202341号】)。


1, the China Construction Association "on forwarding" on the National Ankang Cup staff Competition Safety emergency skills Knowledge Competition Answer and safety culture publicity activities Notice"




File download:The relevant notice on forwarding the "Notice on carrying out the National" Ankang Cup "Employee Safety Emergency Skills and Knowledge Competition and safety culture publicity activities.