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Praise a hundred years of elegance to write a new chapter in the era
来源:《十大网投信誉平台排行榜》( 2022年01月05日 第 01 版)
2022/1/5 15:36:41


-- Overview of propaganda and ideological work in 2021

Xinhua News Agency reporter Wang Ziming Wang Penggao Lei Yu Junjie                       

  The year 2021 will be a milestone in the history of the Party and the country。

  In the past year,以习近平同志为核心的党中央沉着应对百年变局和世纪疫情,团结带领全党全国各族人民勠力同心、奋力拼搏,实现“十四五”良好开局,踏上全面建设社会主义现代化国家新征程。

  Look back to 2021,Propaganda ideological front to carry forward the deep love of the party,Gather striving force,In the summary of historical experience to keep the innovation, in the pulse of The Times to act,Sang the high melody of loving the party, loving the country and loving socialism,We will promote the unity of the people in their ideals, beliefs, values and moral concepts,It has provided a strong ideological guarantee and strong spiritual strength for creating a new situation in the cause of the Party and the country。

  Hold high the flag of thought to strengthen the theoretical armed



  The light of truth shines through time and space, and the banner of thought leads the way。


  Consolidating theoretical research, the results have emerged


  从《十大网投信誉平台》《十大网投信誉平台》等读本付梓出版,到习近平同志《十大网投信誉平台排行榜》等著作畅销热卖,再到《十大网投信誉平台排行榜》等理论读物引发广泛热议……In the past year,Theoretical research continues to deepen,Auxiliary reading materials are popping up,It provides a reference for the majority of party members and cadres to grasp the new ideas systematically。

  At the same time,印发《十大网投信誉平台排行榜》、成立第二批7家习近平新时代中国特色社会主义思想研究中心,Further strengthen the theoretical research team and strength;Revise the textbooks of ideological and political courses in colleges and universities and set up key topics,Continue to promote the Party's innovative theory into the classroom, into the mind...Remarkable achievements have been made in theoretical construction。

  Deepen learning and education, build a solid initial mission --



  In a series of focused presentations,The Central information mission delivered more than 80 reports in various regions, departments and units,More than 100 interactive activities were held in various forms,The direct audience is close to 90,000,More than 79 million people listened to it through live TV and Internet broadcasting,It was warmly welcomed by party members, cadres and the masses。

  The vigorous propaganda activities are the vivid epitome of the extensive development of Party history study and education in the whole Party。


  编辑出版习近平《十大网投信誉平台排行榜》等指定学习材料,Help the majority of party members read the original, learn the original and understand the principles;Send a central steering group to strictly supervise and guide,Ensure that the central spirit takes root;To guide the convening of special organizing meetings,Enhance the ideological consciousness of party members and cadres;Focus on mobile party members and other party members,Promote the study and education of Party history to cover all corners;Organize and carry out practical activities of "I do practical things for the people",Transform learning results into living practice for the people...

  In the past year,According to the requirements of learning history, learning history, increasing credibility, learning Shi Chongde, learning history,Party history education is realistic, pragmatic and solid,The majority of Party members and cadres have received a comprehensive and profound political education, ideological training, and spiritual baptism,The whole Party has greatly increased its historical awareness and self-confidence,The Party's creativity, cohesion and combat effectiveness have been greatly enhanced,It has achieved the purpose of learning Party history, understanding ideology, doing practical things and opening a new bureau。

  Vivid interpretation of the Party's innovation theory "flying into the homes of ordinary people"

  "Qingzhang River around Taihang, the sixth plenary session of the Central Committee, I will always preserve the original heart for the people, a hundred years of struggle to create brilliance.。”党的十九届六中全会闭幕不久,在河北省涉县八路军一二九师司令部旧址,清脆的快板声吸引游客纷纷驻足。

  以百姓视角、百姓话语、百姓情怀推动理论与社会“零距离”“面对面”,In the past year,宣传思想战线推动党的创新理论走到群众身边,走进百姓心间。

  14-episode animation micro video "New journey.,Dance!"To "study in management editorial department" as the main story,It tells the story of six distinguished editors,Through role-based interpretation, scene-based presentation and interesting display,What is the new journey and how to start it,It is widely popular among young people,More than 2 clicks accumulated.500 million visitors。

  The Internet celebrity ideological and political courses launched by colleges and universities in combination with the advantages of disciplines were instantly "selected" by students.。面对“00后”,高校思政课增加互动式、体验式教学,推动思想理论在青年心中扎根。

  The popularization of scientific theories cannot be separated from the role of the media。

  In the past year,中央主要媒体持续做好习近平新时代中国特色社会主义思想的解读阐释,策划推出“新思想引领新征程·时代答卷”“第一观察·瞬间”等栏目和创新产品,生动阐释以习近平同志为核心的党中央治国理政新理念新思想新战略,Demonstrate the political wisdom, historical responsibility and feelings for the people of the leaders of the major parties and countries。


  Agitating love the party deep feelings gather great power



  The Party's grand ceremony, the people's festival。同一时间,庆祝大会的直播信号传遍大江南北、传到世界各地,激发起亿万中华儿女爱党爱国的澎湃共鸣。

  In the past year,宣传思想战线紧紧围绕庆祝中国共产党成立100周年这一重大主题,奏响了礼赞百年风华、奋斗崭新时代的昂扬主旋律。

  This is a hundred years of the Party's history of the deep look back --

  In midsummer, the Communist Party of China History Exhibition Hall was officially opened。

  Into the exhibition hall, the gate of time slowly opened。一张张图片、一件件文物、一个个场景再现中国共产党重整河山、改天换地的革命奋斗史,淬炼升华、感天动地的精神锻造史。



  This is the deep praise of literary and art workers


  In the past year,文艺工作者不断推出讴歌党、讴歌祖国、讴歌人民、讴歌英雄的精品力作,为党的百年大庆记载伟业、展示辉煌。


  On the evening of June 28, 2021, the National Stadium in Beijing was filled with bright lights and loud voices。庆祝中国共产党成立100周年文艺演出《十大网投信誉平台排行榜》以大型情景史诗形式,浓墨重彩展现中国共产党百年来走过的光辉历程。



  拍摄制作《十大网投信誉平台》《十大网投信誉平台》《十大网投信誉平台》《十大网投信誉平台》《十大网投信誉平台》《十大网投信誉平台排行榜》等优秀影视作品,Launched cultural programs such as "China in Stories (Season 3)",The vast number of literary and art workers devote themselves to and create with their hearts,Warmly interpret the firm belief of being of the same mind with the Party and the people。

  This is a journalist's practice -

  2021年1月18日,“奋斗百年路 启航新征程”大型主题采访活动在国家博物馆正式启动。

  Only by going into the depths of history can we better tell old stories and discover new ones。


  From Baijirong media report "Red treasures struggle for a hundred years" triggered "Binge-watching boom",到《十大网投信誉平台排行榜》《十大网投信誉平台排行榜》两篇“宣言”文章燃遍全网,Then to the large-scale documentary film "Dare to teach the sun and moon for a new day" to show the party's century-old glory,The majority of journalists use pens and cameras in their hands,Record history,Show The Times。

  This is moistening things silently into weathering man --




  In the past year,宣传思想战线奏响了坚定不移听党话、矢志不渝跟党走的时代强音,营造了铭记百年光辉历史、传扬百年伟大奋斗的浓厚氛围。

  Create a good atmosphere around the central work

  Nearly 100 million people!After 8 years!


  Poverty alleviation is not the end, but the starting point for a new life and a new struggle。

  In the past year,宣传思想战线围绕中心服务大局,将目光投向“十四五”开局之年,聚焦“脱贫攻坚与乡村振兴有效衔接”,经济社会宣传亮点频现。


  Orchestrated by the news media,“展望十四五”“走进乡村看小康”“巩固拓展脱贫攻坚成果”等专题报道陆续播发,Highlight the sense of scene,Pay attention to the "fellow" theory,Form the effect of town plate brush screen,It reflects the great course of building a moderately prosperous society in all respects,Demonstrate the people's sense of gain, happiness and security。




  "I was really excited to see the mushrooms growing in white flowers, just like in the TV series。”马文祥说,听到剧中熟悉的西海固方言他们会笑,笑着笑着有人就落泪了。


  In the past year,宣传思想战线坚持以文化人、凝心聚力,为社会发展营造良好舆论氛围。

  Coagulative heart strength, can not be separated from the lead of the example。

  人们难忘这一幕:2021年6月29日,北京人民大会堂,党中央首次颁授“七一勋章”。29 sparkling names, like lamps, clusters of fire。Fireflies converge into stars, converge into a candle illuminates the light of the nation。

  “他们是最闪亮的星”“他们把人民放在心头,人民把他们高高举起”“他们那么朴素又那么闪光,那么平凡又那么伟大”。The words are sincere and sincere, expressing people's high respect。

  To commend the eighth National moral model,Release the most beautiful people, "model of The Times",持续推进全国文明城市、文明村镇、文明单位、文明家庭、文明校园等群众性精神文明创建活动……In the past year,Propaganda ideological front tells the story of example, propaganda advanced deeds,Cultivate moral fertile ground in the whole society and build a high ground of civilization,Encourage more people to stay true to their original intentions and forge ahead。

  To gather strength, we need to build concentric circles online and offline。

  举办首届中国网络文明大会、制定加强网络文明建设的意见……In the past year,宣传思想战线聚焦工作主阵地、舆论斗争的主战场,致力于维护好亿万民众共同的精神家园。

  Aimed at deformed aesthetic, teenagers addicted to online games and other problems,The propaganda and ideological front has been deployed to carry out comprehensive management work in the field of culture and entertainment,Coordinate the relevant departments to increase the punishment of illegal and immoral artists,Issued the Notice on Further Strict Management to Effectively Prevent Minors from Becoming Addicted to Online Games,Issued the Proposal of "Resisting Internet Rumors and Building Internet Civilization",Won broad support from the people。


  Nowadays, cyberspace is becoming clearer and clearer, and the forces for good are constantly converging。

  Polish Chinese business cards to show a credible, lovely and respectable image of China




  The road is not alone, the world is one family。


  Look back at China's interaction with the world in 2021,无论是中华人民共和国恢复联合国合法席位50周年纪念会议、第七十六届联合国大会一般性辩论、中非合作论坛第八届部长级会议,It is also a series of major diplomatic activities on the four multilateral platforms of Shanghai Cooperation, BRICS, APEC and G20,Propaganda ideological front adhere to the national position, global vision,To introduce China's experience and convey China's voice to the world in an all-round and multi-dimensional manner。

  To make China's voice heard, we must not only talk about China's plan, but also dare to show our sword and stand firm to refute errors。


  In the past year,针对美西方在涉疆、涉藏、涉港、涉台、涉疫情溯源等问题上对中国的攻击抹黑,宣传思想战线旗帜鲜明阐明立场、针锋相对进行斗争,在众声喧哗的国际舆论场中,让中国声音更加清晰明确。

  China's voice has been heard all over the world, and China's charm has amazed the world。

  The wisdom of governance enlightens the world




  An open and inclusive attitude warms the world

  In November 2021, the CIIE once again arrived as promised to embrace visitors from all over the world。



  The splendid and long-standing culture infects the world


  “古老的丝绸之路曾为我们示范了文明对话和合作共赢带来的辉煌,同时更向我们示范了让古老文明的智慧照鉴未来,共同构建人类命运共同体的希望。Sculptor Wu Weishan said。

  With the increasing influence of China, the pace of Chinese culture going global has become more solid and powerful。

  作为全球疫情下首个恢复线上线下结合办展的重要大型国际书展,第28届北京国际图书博览会共吸引了105个国家和地区约2200家海内外参展商。"We hope that through the translation and publication of relevant books, we can provide more opportunities for public readers to understand China.。"Russian Exo publishing Group representative Ina said。


  When the wind is good, it is time to set sail。


  (Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, Jan. 4)