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Conscientiously promote the study and education of the Party history (a new journey on the century-old road of struggle, learning Party history and understanding ideas, doing practical work and opening a new bureau)
Source: People's Daily (Page 01, March 22, 2021)
2021/3/22 10:30:24

All regions and departments acted quickly and organized carefully

  "All Party comrades should learn to understand history, learn history and increase credibility, learn Shi Chongde, learn history and practice, learn Party history, understand ideas, do practical things, open new bureaux, strive to open a new journey of comprehensively building a modern socialist country with high attitude, and welcome the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Party with outstanding achievements.。”

  For days,各地区各部门认真学习贯彻习近平总书记在党史学习教育动员大会上的重要讲话和党中央通知精神,Act quickly and solidly to promote the study and education of Party history,Guide Party members, cadres and the masses to study and summarize the Party's history well,We will pass on and carry forward the Party's successful experience。

  With a high degree of political consciousness, he devoted himself to the study and education of Party history

  To carry out the study and education of Party history in the whole Party is a major event in the Party's political life。All regions and departments earnestly strengthen the "four consciousness", firmly "four self-confidence", and achieve "two maintenance", and devote themselves to the study and education of Party history with a high degree of political consciousness。

  The Organization Department of the Central Committee convened the Ministry of theoretical learning Center group to focus on learning and discussion and Party history learning education mobilization meeting,The ministry is required to participate in the organization and service of the whole Party history learning and education at the same time,Our own party history study and education should go ahead and set an example;It is emphasized that we should study and educate the party history in a solid and in-depth way,更加自觉地学深悟透用好习近平新时代中国特色社会主义思想,More consciously enhance the "four consciousness", firm "four self-confidence", achieve "two maintenance",We will more consciously carry forward the Party's glorious traditions and fine work style,We will more consciously implement the general requirements for Party building in the new era and the Party's organizational line in the new era。

  According to the relevant requirements, the Organization Department of the CPC Central Committee has formulated and issued the implementation plan for Party history learning and education in the organs of the Ministry in a timely manner, and has made careful planning and deployment arrangements for Party history learning and education in the organs of the Ministry from the aspects of clarifying progress arrangements, carrying out thematic learning, strengthening political guidance, promoting learning practice, and strengthening organizational leadership。The Organization Department is also based on functional responsibilities,The study and education of Party history should be regarded as the basic course of party spirit education and the compulsory course of cadre study,Include in the annual training plan,Promote quality training resources to sink to the grassroots;Systematically study the development process and basic experience of Party building, especially organizational building,He organized the compilation of key books such as One Hundred Years of Organizational Construction of the Communist Party of China。

  The Central Propaganda Department held a mobilization meeting for the study and education of Party history。会议指出,习近平总书记的重要讲话充分体现了我们党高度的历史自觉、历史担当,昭示着共产党人以什么样的理想信念、政治品格、精神状态走向未来,为开展党史学习教育指明了方向、提供了根本遵循。It is necessary to deeply understand that the study and education of Party history is the fundamental way to stick to the original mission and firm ideals and beliefs,It is a far-reaching plan to learn from historical experience and stimulate the striving force,It is the key to temper political consciousness and political ability,It is a strategic move to strengthen the party spirit and forge a fine style of work,Carry out and participate in the study and education of Party history with a high degree of political consciousness。

  The mobilization conference of the Central Propaganda Department emphasized,The requirements of learning Party history, understanding ideology, doing practical things and opening new bureau should run through the whole process of Party history learning and education,We should draw spiritual strength and wisdom from the Party's history,着力用习近平新时代中国特色社会主义思想武装头脑,We will strive to fulfill the fundamental purpose of serving the people wholeheartedly,Strive to promote the "14th Five-Year Plan" with a new atmosphere and new outlook。It is necessary to adhere to high standards and high quality, strictly implement political responsibilities, carefully grasp various tasks, and strive to go ahead and set an example in the study and education of Party history。

  The Party School of the CPC Central Committee (National Academy of Governance) proposed at the mobilization meeting that faith should guide teaching, scientific research and management, inspire students with faith, make students feel the power of faith and the power of thought, and strengthen their ideals and beliefs。

  The Institute of Party History and Literature of the CPC Central Committee mobilized and deployed the study and education of Party history, and held a lecture entitled "Drawing Wisdom and Strength from the Century-old History of the Party" to deeply elaborate and interpret questions such as why to study Party history, what to learn from Party history, and what purpose to achieve by studying Party history。

  The Ministry of Education held a video mobilization meeting,It requires the whole system to firmly grasp political guidance,We should give full play to the main channel role of course materials, the main position role of ideological and political work, the important platform role of cyberspace, the role of large classroom role of research practice, the supporting role of Party history discipline construction and research team, and the leading role of philosophy and social science research projects and research platforms。

  To complete the tasks of Party history study and education with high standards and high quality, organizational leadership must be strengthened。All regions and departments acted quickly and made elaborate arrangements。

  Tianjin held a mobilization meeting to strengthen overall coordination and classified guidance to ensure that party members and cadres, no matter what position they are in, should devote themselves to learning and thinking, learning and learning。

  Shanghai held a mobilization meeting to emphasize that the study and education of Party history is a major political task, strengthen political responsibility, shoulder political responsibility, and ensure that the tasks of Party history study and education are implemented。

  Guangdong Province proposed at the mobilization conference that Party committees (party groups) at all levels establish corresponding leading bodies and working bodies to strengthen the promotion and supervision of the work of their respective regions, departments and units。

  Chongqing held a mobilization conference, requiring party committees (party groups) at all levels to resolutely shoulder the main responsibility, the Party committee (Party group) secretary to take the initiative to take the responsibility of the first responsible person, leading cadres at all levels to set an example and walk in the forefront。

  The Ministry of Ecology and Environment and the Ministry of Culture and Tourism set up a leading group for the study and education of Party history to make arrangements for the study and education of Party history;The Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development and the Ministry of Water Resources shall formulate implementation plans for the study and education of Party history;The Ministry of Science and Technology and the Ministry of Finance held a mobilization meeting, demanding that the study and education of Party history be integrated into daily life and often。

  Promote innovation in the content, forms and methods of Party history learning and education

  The centenary of our Party is a centenary of our commitment to the mission of our founding, a centenary of trekking, and a centenary of creating brilliance and opening up the future。We should learn history, the "best textbook".。

  On the afternoon of March 12, the theme activity of "Passing on the torch of the Iron Army Spirit" was held in the exhibition hall of the old site of the military headquarters of the New Fourth Army in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province。Veteran soldiers Li Tanqing and Ye Daoqing took to the stage to share their own revolutionary war stories with the audience of nearly 1,000。"After listening to the story of the two grandfathers, I feel that today's happiness is hard-won, and I want to study hard and contribute my own strength to the country and society.。Yan Jiajun, a student at Zhanqian Road Primary School in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province, said。

  In the study and education of Party history, more than 2,900 old revolutionary homes and revolutionary memorial halls (museums) in Jiangxi Province have become rich classrooms, guiding the majority of Party members and cadres to deeply understand the power of faith through innovative learning forms and rich educational carriers。

  "In the exhibition hall of the Yan 'an Revolutionary Memorial Hall, a leather specimen of a horse is displayed...That vivid expression, like the master who is waiting for the battle..."。

  A few days ago, Shaanxi Yan 'an Revolutionary Memorial Hall selected 100 precious revolutionary cultural relics from the museum's collection, and carefully produced a short video series of red stories "Yan 'an · Yan 'an", which was broadcast in stages。"It is hoped that through short video storytelling, red cultural relics will become a 'living textbook' for Party members and cadres to learn Party history, and the Yan 'an Spirit will become a 'nutrient' for Party members and cadres to forge ahead, so that Party history learning and education will be more vivid and deeply rooted in people's hearts.。"Memorial Hall deputy director Li Xiaojian said。

  All regions and departments carry forward the Marxist style of study, promote innovation in content, form, and method, and enhance the pertinance and effectiveness of Party history study and education by making good use of red resources, creating high-quality Party lessons, and going deep into grassroots propaganda。

  At the mobilization meeting, the Central Political and Legal Commission proposed the implementation of leadership and learning, individual self-study, collective research, organ evaluation, and practice inspection of learning;The Ministry of Transport requires the combination of concentrated learning and independent learning in thematic learning,In the special training to achieve the full coverage of leading cadres above the department level;The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs emphasizes learning through the theoretical learning center group, the youth theoretical learning group, and the holding of reading classes,Carry out study and discussion by special topics,Carefully designed courses by layers and fields...

  "In order not to fall behind, some small Red Army soldiers use a rope to tie themselves and the squad leader together when they sleep。In the Guangxi Baise Memorial Hall, the narrator's vivid narration, a large number of vivid pictures and documents let visitors immerse in the historical situation。

  "Those little Red Army soldiers do not know where they are going forward, but they hold a belief: as long as they keep up with the troops and follow the Party organization, they will certainly see the light.。Ran Sleeves Yan, deputy director of the Party and Mass work Department of the Baise Power Supply Bureau of the Southern Power Grid, said emotionally, "Such party history education has allowed us to accept a spiritual baptism, further strengthened our ideals and beliefs, and inspired the enthusiasm of officers and entrepreneurs.。”

  Transform the achievements of Party history study and education into working motivation and results

  To carry out the study and education of Party history, we must draw wisdom and strength from the great struggle of the Party in the past hundred years to move forward, and we must learn to think, learn to understand, and learn to gain。

  The National Development and Reform Commission held a mobilization meeting to emphasize that the learning results should be reflected in the specific work of document drafting, policy formulation, planning, project approval and so on, and improve the ability to grasp the overall trend, cope with risks and challenges, and promote their own work。The Ministry of Commerce requires the Party history learning education and service to build a new development pattern to combine, promote the study and implementation of the Party's innovative theory in the new era to go deep and sincere, and strive to smooth the domestic cycle, promote the domestic and international double cycle, and implement a higher level of opening up。At the mobilization meeting, the Ministry of Emergency Management proposed to profoundly summarize and apply the Party's rich experience in successfully coping with risks and challenges in different historical periods, and fight a prepared battle to proactively respond to various risks and challenges。

  An important task in the study and education of Party history is to educate and guide all Party comrades to strengthen their ideals and beliefs and firmly establish their original mission。3月14日,On the occasion of Consumer Rights Protection Day,Rudong County, Jiangsu Province held a series of practical activities of "I do practical things for the masses" - the launch ceremony of "Paying tribute to a hundred years of Integrity as East in Action",Carry out on-site consultation on hot issues such as clothing, food, housing, transportation and education needed by consumers in their daily lives,Be popular with the masses。

  Jiangsu Province mobilized and deployed the study and education of Party history, and clearly required that the study of Party history be combined with the summary of experience, the observation of reality, the promotion of work, and the solution of practical problems, so as to do a good job of high-quality development, do a good job of laying the foundation for long-term benefits, and do a good job of the people's urgent difficulties and aspirations。

  In Anshan City, Liaoning Province, the local people's heart network as the carrier, in-depth implementation of the "I do practical things for the masses" practical activities, actively interact with the masses and enterprises, the city's departments and units to cooperate, the formation of appeals acceptance, handling, convenience services and other functions of the integration of the work system。

  "The street lights of a certain community are not bright, the elevator of a certain community is broken, the elderly in a certain community are inconvenient to move, and so on.。Minxin network will issue a notice, we rushed to the scene at the first time to do a good job of service。Wu Dan, secretary of the Party Committee of Lishan Industrial Community in Anshan, Liaoning Province, said, "Learning Party history has given me a deeper understanding of the Party's original mission.。What are the needs of the people, we will serve, and what are the prominent problems that the people have expressed, we will focus on solving。”

  (Reporter Zhang Yang, Meng Xiangfu, Zhao Yunna, Zhu Lei, Zhang Danhua, Yao Xueqing, Zhang Yunhe, Hu Jingyi)