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The Ministry of Civil Affairs held a special report on the study and education of Party history
Source: Ministry of Civil Affairs website Release time: 2021-03-19 08:44
2021/3/19 10:47:49

  On March 18, the Ministry of Civil Affairs held a special report on Party history learning and education, and launched the "first lecture" of Party history learning and education of the Ministry.。The report invited Xie Chuntao, deputy director of the Party School of the CPC Central Committee (National Academy of Governance), to make a guidance report on the struggle course and Inspiration of the Communist Party of China。The report looked back affectionately at the magnificent century-old Party history, profoundly explained why the Communist Party of China "can" with theory and facts, and inspired a strong resonance of Party members and cadres present。

  Li Jiheng, secretary of the Party Group and Minister of the Ministry of Civil Affairs, said in his concluding speech that the report has a high political position, deep research and thinking, the combination of history and history, and the review and summary of the struggle process, great contributions and historical inspiration of the Communist Party of China, which has an important guiding and enlightening role in learning, inheriting and carrying forward the history of the Party。He pointed out that the party history is the soul of the Communist Party and the spiritual home, in the centennial birthday of the Party, to carry out the study and education of the Party history is of great significance, and the Ministry directly under the organ to carry out in-depth study and education of the Party history once again to mobilize deployment, put forward clear requirements。

  Li Jiheng stressed that it is necessary to take the study and education of Party history as a major political task at present, further enhance the "four consciousness", firmly "four self-confidence", and achieve "two maintenance".。It is necessary to firmly grasp the political direction, speak clearly about politics, strengthen the political attribute of civil affairs work in the new era, always take the Party's flag as the banner, take the Party's direction as the direction, and take the Party's will as the will, constantly enhance the "four consciousness", and be a good political understanding person。We must maintain political determination, have a deep understanding of history and the historical inevitability of the people's choice of the Communist Party of China, of Marxism, and of the path of socialism, cultivate patriotic feelings of loving the Party from the depths of our souls, and strengthen historical consciousness and political determination for the reform and development of civil affairs undertakings in the new era。Political loyalty must always be maintained,深刻认识习近平同志的全党核心和人民领袖地位是历史决定的,以习近平同志为核心的党中央团结带领全党全国各族人民实现中华民族伟大复兴中国梦是历史的必然,We will further strengthen the ideological consciousness, political consciousness and action consciousness of the core of loyalty, maintenance, and conformity with the core,Resolutely achieve "two maintenance",始终同以习近平同志为核心的党中央保持高度一致。

  Li Jiheng pointed out that it is necessary to deeply understand the great historical value of Party history。Deeply understand the original mission of the Communists who have been consistent in the history of the Party,We will thoroughly implement the important directives of the General Secretary,Further deepen the understanding of the Party's nature and purpose,Always maintain the political character of Communists,Continue to promote the spirit of the Ox serving the children of the civilian people,In the study of party history, always preserve the original heart,In the effort to achieve the mission。深刻领会党史蕴含的思想伟力,深入把握党的创新理论发展脉络,进一步增强用习近平新时代中国特色社会主义思想武装头脑、指导实践、推动工作的政治自觉。Deeply understand the red gene and spiritual lineage carried by the Party history, inherit the red gene in the study of the Party history, continue the spiritual blood, pay attention to the Party's glorious tradition and fine style of work to firm faith, gather strength, constantly enhance willpower, perseverance, self-control, and summon up the spirit of civil affairs people to forge ahead in the new era。

  Li Jiheng demanded that we should adhere to the standpoint, viewpoint and method of dialectical materialism and historical materialism, learn deeply and thoroughly the Party history, truly distinguish philosophy and comprehend the true meaning, so as to understand the reason of studying history, increase the credibility of studying history, study Shi Chongde, and study history。Uphold the historical perspective, learn to observe the changes in the world in the long river of history, grasp the laws of history, deeply understand why the Communist Party of China "can", why Marxism "action", why socialism with Chinese characteristics "good", better understand the internal and external changes, clear the development trend, and firm confidence in victory。Adhere to dialectical thinking, adhere to the scientific unity of political and historical, good at looking at the essence through the phenomenon, accurately grasp the theme, main line and mainstream of historical development, adhere to a comprehensive, objective and development view of problems, and learn a deep understanding of the internal philosophy of the Communist Party of China over the past 100 years。Pay attention to connecting with reality, adhere to the Marxist style of study combining theory with practice, pay attention to applying what you learn, clearly understand and correctly grasp the world situation and national conditions, better base on the new development stage, implement the new development concept, build a new development pattern, and plan the civil affairs cause。

  Li Jiheng requested that the majority of Party members, cadres and staff of the civil affairs system should draw wisdom and strength from the Party's century-long struggle, and continue to write a new chapter of civil affairs in the study of party history。We should strengthen our ideals and convictions and strengthen political development。Transform the learning results into spiritual nourishment for strengthening political construction in the new era,To provide a strong political guarantee for the healthy development of civil affairs in the new era;Further strengthen the Party's overall leadership over civil affairs work,We will continue to strengthen the building of political institutions,Efforts should be made to improve the political judgment, political understanding and political execution of party members and cadres in the organs directly under them;Strictly observe political discipline and rules,We will continue to enforce discipline and fight corruption,Actively foster a sound political ecology。Keep in mind the original mission, practice "for the people and love the people"。Tree prison wholeheartedly serve the people's purpose consciousness,Always bear in mind that civil affairs work is related to the people's livelihood and connects with the people,Efforts will be made to transform the Party's deployment of civil affairs work into high-quality services that the people are satisfied with,We will strive to make every civil affairs work convey the Party and the government's love for the people, policies that benefit the people, and actions that benefit the people,Effectively protect the basic rights and interests of civil service recipients,We will help people with special difficulties share the fruits of reform and development,We will continue to enhance the people's sense of gain, happiness and security。Grasp the trend of development, earnestly perform their duties。The "great man of the country",Consciously consider civil affairs from the overall development of the cause of the Party and the country,Planning civil affairs in the new stage and new pattern,Seize the "time" and "trend" of the mid - and long-term development of civil affairs,Correctly grasp the political, mass, contemporary and collaborative nature of civil affairs work in the new era,We will better fulfill our responsibilities of ensuring basic people's livelihood, community-level social governance, and providing basic social services,Efforts will be made to effectively link the achievement of poverty alleviation with rural revitalization,We will accelerate the improvement of the elderly care service system,We will strengthen the modernization of the system and capacity for community-level governance,Contribute civil affairs to the new journey of building a modern socialist country in an all-round way,To present to the 100th anniversary of the founding of the party with outstanding achievements。

  The members of the Party group in Beijing, the discipline inspection and supervision group in the Ministry, the cadres at the bureau level and the party branch secretaries of the retired cadres in the main hall of the Ministry of Civil Affairs attended the meeting。The discipline inspection and supervision team of the Ministry, other Party members and cadres of the organs directly under the Ministry, and the main persons in charge of the social organizations under the Ministry participated in the study through the video conference system in each sub-venue。