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Take advantage of the momentum to live up to Shaohua four builders so proud
2020-05-14 09:15:27 Source: Party Committee Work Department
2020/5/14 15:29:42

5月11-12日,中共中央总书记、国家主席、中央军委主席习近平在山西考察工作,Through the Taiyuan Water Sports Center project undertaken by Shanxi Sijian Group and the Shanxi Transformation Comprehensive Reform Demonstration Zone government service Center project served by Shanxi Dazhong Jiacheng Property Co., LTD., a subsidiary of Shanxi Sijian Group。

Four builders as builders

Feel truly proud and proud

Look back at the journey we've come through

No responsibility to the builder

Five branch water sports center project deputy manager Tian Zelong said:

在电视里看到习总书记来汾河三期调研汾河综合治理和生态修复,那一幕让我触景生情。The bank of the Fenhe River near Jinyang Bridge is a place I am familiar with, because it is the place where I have worked hard for nearly two years, and it is the place where I have met the second Youth pageant - Taiyuan Aquatic Sports Center。Every building behind the general secretary has our busy figure at that time;Every road that the general secretary walks through at his feet has our hard work and sweat;Every railing touched by the general secretary has countless days and nights for us。

In the news broadcast to see the general secretary in the inspection of the water sports center terminal tower footage, see the general secretary on the road we built tiger wind, as a Communist Party member, I instantly burst of pride。I am also very encouraged because we have built a beautiful, bright and glorious project。In the future study, work and life, I will continue to play the vanguard role of party members, with great efforts and more enthusiasm to meet new tasks and challenges!

Guo Erbin, project manager of the water sports center project of the steel structure Branch, said:

5月12日在收看CCTV-1新闻联播时,我看到习总书记赴山西考察调研的报道。报道中习总书记健步走在汾河岸边,The station stays under the terminal tower of Taiyuan Water Sports Center and the hanging structure of the media center to guide the management and ecological protection of Fenhe River in our province,My heart feels very proud to see this,Immediately in my mind emerged in 2018, my group undertook the construction of Taiyuan water sports center project to rush the construction scene。At that time, I was responsible for the main construction of the steel structure of this project,The main structure of the project adopts suspension steel structure frame + core tube structure,Top 160 tons of giant steel truss,Hang 14 davits diagonally below,This structural form is also the first time in our province,The construction is difficult and requires high precision,Tight schedule,In view of this,With the strong support of the group company,The project department gathers strength,Not afraid of difficulties,Finally completed the construction task successfully。In the future, we will continue to work hard, work hard, and complete each construction task with quality and quantity。

Jianan branch water sports center project manager Miao Peng said:

习总书记来到山西考察,调研了汾河太原城区晋阳桥段,那里的水上运动中心是我们曾经奋斗过的地方。The moment I saw the general Secretary pass by, I felt very excited and very proud。Two years ago, it was a wasteland, overgrown with weeds and dirty water, but now it is beautiful, the river is clear and the banks are thick with green。All this is inseparable from our builders hundreds of days and nights of struggle and hard work。The general secretary can pass through the places where we have worked, so that we are more full of pride and confidence, and we will redouble our efforts in the future to contribute our own strength to the construction of a beautiful home!

High quality and high speed create reputation 
Architectural excellence accounts for the market

Do a project 
Put up a monument

It is the idea pursued by the hard-working and simple four constructors


Cleaning, security and maintenance teachers saw the General Secretary at close range for the first time, and were very excited and encouraged。Everyone said that in the future work, we will live up to the expectations of the general secretary, continue to write extraordinary achievements in ordinary posts, and promote the transformation and development of high-tech industries in Shanxi Comprehensive Reform Demonstration zone to a higher level。

Four construction property personnel do logistics cleaning security maintenance and other work

This year is the 70th anniversary of Shanxi four construction enterprises, 70 years of hard work, 70 years of spring and autumn。山西四建将牢记习近平总书记教导,乘势而上,在山西四建多年竭力创造的业绩基础上,以人一之我十之的务实付出,倾注全部的热情和心力,不断增强山西四建的品牌影响力和社会美誉度,全力推动山西四建持续科学健康发展。