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Du Rui to the Dongfeng heat source plant transformation project to lead the shift inspection and supervision of the full resumption of work
Source: Shanxi Sijian website 2020-03-11
2020/3/12 10:00:42

On March 10, Du Rui, secretary of the Party Committee and chairman of Shanxi Sijian Group, went to the transformation project of Dongfeng heat source Plant of the pipeline branch to lead a shift inspection and supervise the full resumption of work。General manager of the branch Zhao Junshan and other relevant personnel to check together。

Du Rui has been to the construction site, office area, living area, project canteen, prevention and control isolation room to check the epidemic prevention measures, and a detailed understanding of the project epidemic prevention and resumption of work。Zhao Junshan reported on the labor plan of the project resumption, the contact situation of material procurement, and the preparation of prevention and control materials。

Du Rui requirement,The project department shall establish and improve prevention and control measures in strict accordance with the requirements of the group company,Do a good job of labor personnel survey and platoon,Point-to-point pickup of labor personnel,Complete resumption of the project as soon as possible;The construction site shall implement closed management,Do a good job of daily temperature detection and disinfection;Do a good job in canteen dining management,Reducing human contact;Prepare supplies in advance,Do the next step of construction work,Ensure successful completion of construction tasks。

Du Rui stressed,In addition to the six branch Hubei Huangshi project,The remaining projects of the group company will resume work fully and accurately this week;Each molecule company shall actively undertake large volume, transformation and general contracting projects of 500 million yuan or more than 1 billion yuan,Exceed the 2020 market development targets;Molecular companies need to identify opportunities,Firmly "go global" pace,On the premise of profit,The income of "going out" personnel is more than 30% higher than that of employees in the same position in the province。