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Gather every bit of love to unite the fight against the epidemic
Source: Shanxi Installation Group website Date: 2020-03-04
2020/3/5 11:17:52

-- The majority of Party members and staff of the Group company donated money and materials for the fight against the epidemic   

Virus merciless, there is love;Together, we will overcome the difficulties!
Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the Chinese people have united as one and made concerted efforts to win the people's war against the epidemic。The Group company has actively assumed social responsibilities, focused on epidemic prevention and control, and resumed work and production at the same time, and made every effort to ensure a comprehensive victory in the battle against the epidemic。

The Party Committee of the Group actively responded to the call of the Party Central Committee, extensively mobilized all party members and staff to donate money and materials for epidemic prevention and control, and worked with the people of the whole country to support the epidemic area and warm doctors and patients。For more than a month, Party members and staff of the Group have donated 308357 love funds through various ways.46元。Shanxi 'an installed people's love into the river, condensed into the battle "epidemic" will win the firm confidence and strong force!

On January 29, Wang Cheng, general manager of Road and Bridge Engineering Company, launched all employees of the engineering company to raise funds。Personally led the donation of 1000 yuan, under his leadership, everyone enthusiastically donated love, only in two days to raise 17,350 yuan of love。On January 31, this love money was donated to the "Hope Peer in the Fight against the Epidemic - Shanxi Hope Project Special Action".。The donation was used to buy immune-boosting injections for the second batch of Shanxi medical teams to Hubei before departure。

Since then, various units and departments of the group have spontaneously organized donation activities, and the love money full of warmth and strength has been gathered through wechat and Alipay to the Charity Federation, the Red Cross Society, Project Hope and other organizations, and has been sent to Hubei, Wuhan, and medical staff and patients as a variety of prevention and control materials。

On the afternoon of March 2, before the start of the Party Committee of the Group, members of the Party Committee put the love money into the donation box in turn to contribute their modest efforts for the prevention and control of the epidemic。

Retired veteran party members also used practical actions to interpret the dedication of leaving the party and retiring, and contributed their love for the prevention and control of the epidemic。

Yang Zongfu, 88, is a 71-year party veteran。After his retirement, he insisted on following national affairs through television news every day。The sudden outbreak of the new coronavirus has made him anxious。"If I were younger, I would also volunteer to help prevent and control the epidemic."All this time, he's been talking to his family。

Learning that the unit of the group company called for donations for epidemic prevention and control, on March 2, Yang Zongfu took out 200 yuan at the first time and gave it to Liu Xueliang, secretary of the retired Party branch of Houma of the second engineering company。

"There is no country where I am today, the country has difficulties, every man is responsible.。I am old and my ability is limited, although the donation is not large, it is also a gesture。I am an old party member, and it is my mission to share the difficulties with the country。"Yang Zongfu said。

Some old party members will not use mobile phone transfer, let their children do it;Some old party members, regardless of physical fatigue, send donations to the branch......The third engineering company retired party branch Wang Fuhui travel inconvenience, let his son specially rushed to the branch, on behalf of the donation。

Shanxi installers are also using other forms of support for epidemic prevention and control

Early February was a critical period for epidemic prevention and control。Seeing the epidemic prevention personnel in the service area of Gaoping City and the toll station of Gaoping City, insisting on investigation work in the cold wind, Shanxi Construction Industry Modernization (Southeast Shanxi) Park acted quickly and organized personnel to install box-type integrated houses nearby。

The park staff raced against time and installed the two box-type integrated houses and supporting facilities in less than 4 hours。We tried our best to send warmth to the epidemic prevention personnel, and also expressed support and respect to the epidemic prevention personnel with practical actions。
A loving donation is a warm and confident mobilization, and it is a battle of heart-to-hand connection and mutual help。If the battle against the epidemic is not won, dedication will continue。Shanxi installers and the people of the whole country work hand in hand to fight the "epidemic" and vow to win the final victory of the epidemic prevention and control war!