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2017 Shanxi Construction Industry Association (Management Award) review meeting
2018/3/1 11:11:41

OOn January 19th, 2018,2017The annual Shanxi Construction Industry Association (Management Award) review meeting was held in Taiyuan。

Present at the meeting were Zhang Xinmin, Vice president of Shanxi Construction Industry Association, deputy director of evaluation, Liu Yuquan, Vice president and secretary-general of Shanxi Construction Association;Deputy Director of Evaluation, Deputy Secretary General of Shanxi Provincial Construction Association, Song Yushan;The judges shall be the vice president of the provincial Construction Association and the president of the Taiyuan Construction AssociationHu Yufeng, Secretary General of Shanxi Highway Society Feng Ergang, Secretary General of Shanxi Coal Mine Construction Association Tan Yong;Zhao Guandong, President of Datong City Construction Association; Zhao Xiaogang, Secretary-General of Jinzhong City Construction Association; Ge Qingfeng, Secretary-General of Yangquan City Construction Association; Liu Yao, Secretary-General of Xinzhou City Construction Association; Dong Wukui, Secretary-General of Linfen City Construction Association; Li Hong, Deputy Secretary-General of Yuncheng City Construction Association; Li Jinyuan, Executive Vice President and Secretary-General of Jincheng City Construction Association;Zhang Wei, Deputy General Manager of China Railway Third Bureau Group, Ma Renjie, Vice Minister of Development Planning Department of China Railway 12th Bureau Group, He Xiaorong, Vice Minister of Development Planning Department of China Railway 17th Bureau Group and other relevant personnel。    

Executive Vice President Zhang Xinmin presided over the review meeting。

Liu Yuquan, Vice president and Secretary-General, first briefly introduced to the participating judges the progress of the provincial construction Association in responding to the requirements of the central government, actively decoupling industry associations and consolidating branches。In particular, he said that the review meeting must strictly check in accordance with the spirit of the relevant document requirements, must be realistic and never tolerate fraud, and the results of the review should not contain moisture or any "hard damage".。The provincial construction Association evaluation office has conducted a serious preliminary evaluation according to the application situation, and everyone should speak freely, be sure to evaluate the level and evaluate the high quality of the management work of the construction industry in Shanxi, so as to promote the construction industry in our province to continue to grow bigger and stronger。

Zhang Shucheng, deputy Secretary-General of the Provincial Construction Association and director of the evaluation office, and Wang Fan, director of the Provincial Construction Association office and deputy director of the evaluation Office, introduced the preliminary evaluation situation to the meeting。

The participating members had a broad and serious discussion on the evaluation work, and agreed that the provincial Association Evaluation Office for the preliminary evaluation of the evaluation work was rigorous, standardized, and the work was very complicated and tiring, but it was very solid and detailed。The judges not only carefully reviewed the evaluation work, voted on the evaluation work by raising their hands, and put forward a lot of constructive suggestions for the future evaluation work。

The final evaluation results of the meeting are as follows: Obtained2017Excellent construction enterprise of Shanxi Province124Individual;Excellent business manager68Rank #;Excellent project manager 249  名。

Executive Vice President Zhang Xinmin made a summary of the review meeting。He said that Wang Guozheng, president of the Provincial Construction Association and also the director of the evaluation committee, attached great importance to the meeting。Unable to attend the meeting due to out-of-town meetings。He instructed that the assessment work was very important and an important task of the Provincial Association。Make sure the meeting goes well。President Zhang said that from this year's declaration work, the majority of member enterprises are more and more active, more and more enterprises to declare, which fully shows that the majority of member enterprises on our evaluation work results are recognized, we have been reviewing the work in these years is very influential and credible in society。The construction industry in Shanxi Province has made great contributions to the social and economic construction of the whole province, and its status as a pillar industry is becoming more and more prominent。He said that learning the spirit of the Party's 19th National Congress has put forward new requirements for the management of our industry。We need to take our evaluation work seriously from a new level。Serving the government, serving enterprises and serving society is the foundation of the association's survival,The municipal construction associations of the province should cooperate and support each other;Improve the way we work,Develop ideas,Use true feelings to attract enterprises to consciously join,We must be good helpers of the government,Do a good job in the enterprise family,By working together,Make our province construction cause steady progress,Bigger and stronger,Contribute our construction industry to the grand goal of building a moderately prosperous society in Shanxi Province!

           (Wang Zhengxiang   Photojournalism)