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The province to promote the development of construction labor service enterprises experience exchange meeting was held in Taiyuan
2018/3/1 11:37:41

On December 6, sponsored by Shanxi Construction Industry Association, Shanxi Four Construction Group and Taiyuan One Construction Group, the province's experience exchange meeting to promote construction industry labor service enterprises was held in Taiyuan。

Xing Zuoguo, Secretary general of Labor enterprise branch of China Construction Association, was invited to attend the conference。The meeting also received the cordial care of Zhang Yang, deputy researcher of the market Department of the Provincial housing and Construction Department, and Qin Wangdong, vice chairman of the construction Industry Federation of the Provincial Federation of trade unions。Shanxi Province construction Association executive Vice President Zhang Xinmin, Taiyuan, Datong, Jinzhong, Xinzhou and other city construction association leaders attended the conference。

The seminar was presided over by Liu Yuquan, Vice President and Secretary General of the Provincial Construction Association。He participated in the meeting of the China Construction Association, provincial housing and construction Department, provincial construction federation leaders, Shanxi four construction, Taiyuan one construction and from the province's central enterprises, state-owned enterprises, private enterprises construction labor enterprises120Many delegates expressed their heartfelt thanks to the General Assembly for its support and attention。

Zhang Shucheng, deputy secretary-general of the Provincial Construction Association, conveyed the spirit of the seventh National Construction enterprise Management and labor Management Exchange meeting and the on-site observation meeting of construction workers' real-name management, and read out the province won the Chinese construction labor service200Strong list of nine companies。

Representatives of Shanxi Youcheng, Shanxi Yitong, Shanxi Huarui, Shanxi Shitong and other four labor service enterprises exchanged experiences at the conference。

At the meeting, more than a dozen representatives spoke one after another, and everyone spoke freely, talked about the situation, put forward questions, put forward suggestions, and talked about their experiences. Everyone took the initiative to communicate, had a lively atmosphere, and had a feeling of going back to the mother's home to say what was in their hearts。

张扬Associate InvestigatorIn view of the relevant policies of the state on the management of labor service enterprises, the development and operation of the construction industry in the province were notified this year。

Secretary-general Xing Zuoguo on the new situation facing the national construction labor enterprises, the new situation, how to deepen the reform of labor enterprises, transformation and upgrading, policy trends, development direction, ideas and problems have expressed a good opinion。In particular, he praised the work of the Shanxi Construction Association held this professional work seminar on labor enterprises, and believed that it was a good thing to do for labor enterprises and was practical。It is worth learning for the national provincial association。

Qin Wangdong, vice chairman of the Provincial construction Industry Federation, said repeatedly at the meeting that the General Assembly felt a word in particular, that is, real!This is not an air-to-air meeting like some conferences, but a practical seminar。For the province's labor industry enterprises to build a mutual exchange and learning platform。He said that the provincial construction Federation will certainly be like today's meeting, the real concern for the survival and growth of construction labor enterprises。

Zhang Xinmin, executive vice president of the Provincial Construction Association, said in summarizing the conference that the construction service enterprise is an important part of the construction enterprise。Proposed at the 19th National CongressTo achieve the grand goal of building a moderately prosperous society in all respects and decisively,Construction enterprises bear a great mission,The development of labor service enterprises in construction industry is facing a new situation,New situation and new requirements, new changes,Today's meeting is a time slot,But give people a chance to talk to each other and get on the same page,We need to re-think and position the development of enterprises,Face reality and change the status quo。Our conference is to be held as a labor enterprise development experience exchange meeting;Open into a labor service enterprises in our province close to reality, find out the gap,Discussion meeting to come up with measures, investigation and research;Study and implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress,To further promote the work of construction labor service enterprises in our province to a new level of development of encouragement and endeavour。He said that after the meeting, the provincial construction Association will widely collect everyone's opinions, write a research material on the status quo and development of construction labor enterprises in our province, and report to the relevant departments at higher levels。

The meeting combined with labor enterprise management organization of representatives to Shanxi four construction Taiyuan Longcheng1#The project site and the comprehensive teaching building of Shanxi Administration Institute of Taiyuan No. 1 Construction Group two national construction standard model advanced project sites were observed and studied。

(Photo by Wang Zhengxiang)