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High technology in super tall buildings
Source: (Construction New network) [Release time: 2017-11-2]  
2017/11/8 14:51:50

It is a major trend of modern urban development in China that the city extends to the sky and becomes more "three-dimensional"。The 530-meter Guangzhou Chow Tai Fook Financial Center, the nearly 600-meter Tianjin 117 Building and the Shenzhen Ping An International Financial Center, the 632-meter Shanghai Center and the 636-meter Wuhan Greenland Center are all buildings that are constantly changing height records。According to the latest figures, China currently has 55 completed buildings taller than 300 meters, and 62 are under construction。
The construction of super tall buildings is not easy, need to achieve a lot of building technology breakthroughs, it can be said that many super tall buildings mushroomed, reflecting China's architectural design, new construction materials development and utilization, construction equipment and construction in the field of great progress。Each skyscraper tells a moving story of Chinese construction technology。
The construction process of Jin 117 Building is a wonderful leap forward in Chinese building technology。On September 8, 2015, with the whole truck of concrete pumped out of the pipe to 621 meters, Building 117 surpassed the Shanghai Tower's concrete pumping height of 606 meters, setting a new Guinness World Record for the actual pumping height of concrete。
All the time,The world architecture industry is trying to solve the problem of concrete conveying height of super high-rise buildings,"Go up, do not block the pipe" is the goal of assiduous pursuit,The unit responsible for construction has assembled a large number of specialists,Increase investment in scientific research,The concrete ultra-high pumping coil simulation test base of "China Building kilometer-level skyscraper" was built。By trial and error,The research team finally independently developed a "high-performance polycarboxylic acid admixture",Effectively solve the high concrete pumping height,High-strength concrete has high viscosity, low-strength concrete is easy to disperse, the flow loss of high-rise pumped concrete is large, and the anti-freezing performance in winter requires high professional and technical problems,It fills many technical gaps in the field of high performance concrete super high-rise pumping and technology。
China's solutions to high-rise construction problems are often eye-popping。In the construction of Wuhan Greenland Center, the contractor abandoned the traditional climbing construction system used in the construction of the world famous high-rise building Burj Dubai when facing the problem of "ensuring the safety of workers working at height and improving the construction rate"。After many tests and amendments, independently developed the first domestic third generation of intelligent jacking system。This top die system uses a closed all-steel structure, the workers are in it, like walking on the ground, can carry out 4 floors and several types of flow operations at the same time, do not worry about the risk of falling from high altitude, and the work efficiency is greatly improved。
In addition to the breakthrough of core building technology, China pays special attention to maintaining harmony between buildings and the environment in high-rise construction, adopts advanced technologies in green energy saving and water saving as far as possible, and reduces energy consumption in various aspects such as lighting, heat dissipation, heat preservation, water consumption, garbage disposal and ventilation。These new technologies and practices that highlight the concept of green environmental protection are undoubtedly particularly exciting in the process of China's urbanization。
China's accumulated technological innovation in the field of super high-rise buildings and the concept of green environmental protection are increasingly attracting global attention and praise。With the in-depth development of the globalization process of the construction market, especially the "Belt and Road" has been warmly welcomed by the international community, China's construction technology will go abroad more and more on the original solid foundation and serve all over the world。
In recent years, China has undertaken the construction of a large number of international super high-rise buildings, such as the "tallest building in Southeast Asia" - Jakarta Symbol Tower in Indonesia, the symbol Tower in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, the "tallest building in Europe" - the Russian Federation Building and other iconic buildings。These architectural achievements have enhanced the visibility of China's construction industry in the world。
Behind the amazing "China height", the sweat and wisdom of the builder are condensed。It can even be said that each representative skyscraper is a high-tech achievement transformation center。The "China height" reflects the strategic height of "created by China" and the ability and confidence of the Chinese people。(Construction New network)