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Five technologies to improve the informatization level of the construction industry
Source: Xinhua News Agency September 23, 2016 09:58:57
2016/9/26 8:50:19

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, Sept. 19 (Reporter Yu Qiongyuan)The reporter learned from the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development on the 19th that the construction industry will strengthen the application of big data technology, cloud computing technology, Internet of Things technology, 3D printing technology and intelligent technology, enhance the development ability of the construction industry informatization, and shape the new business form of the construction industry。

The Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development recently issued the "2016-2020 Construction industry informatization Development Outline", proposing four tasks: enterprise informatization, industry supervision and service informatization, special information technology application, informatization standards。

In the application of special information technology,Outline proposed,Research and establish the application framework of big data in the construction industry,Coordinate government data resources and social data resources;Actively use cloud computing technology to upgrade the existing e-government information system, enterprise information system and hardware and software resources,Reduce informationization costs;Strengthen the research and development of low-cost, low-power, intelligent sensors and related equipment,Actively carry out research on 3D printing equipment and materials in the construction industry,Carry out research on the application of intelligent robots, smart wearable devices, handheld intelligent terminal devices, intelligent monitoring devices, 3D scanning and other devices in the construction process,Improve construction quality and efficiency,Reduce security risks;Explore the integrated application of intelligent technology and big data, mobile communication, cloud computing, Internet of Things and other information technologies in the construction industry,We will promote smart construction and the development of smart enterprises。

Outline proposed,The 13th Five-Year Plan Period,We will comprehensively raise the informatization level of the construction industry,Efforts will be made to enhance the integrated application capabilities of information technologies such as BIM, big data, intelligence, mobile communication, cloud computing, and the Internet of Things,The construction industry has made breakthroughs in digitization, networking and intelligence,An integrated industry supervision and service platform has been initially established,The utilization level of data resources and information service capacity have been significantly improved,To form a group of construction enterprises with strong information technology innovation ability and informatization application to reach the international advanced level and construction information technology enterprises with key independent intellectual property rights。