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The 2016 Shanxi Science and Technology Week will be held in May
2016-04-22 Source: Yellow River News Network
2016/4/22 9:12:12

Shanxi Science and Technology Activity Week has been held for more than 10 consecutive sessions since 2001, and has become a popular science activity with extensive social influence and popular among the masses。The picture shows the audience experience in the provincial Science and Technology Museum during the 2014 Science and Technology Week。

The reporter learned from the Shanxi Provincial Department of Science and Technology on April 21 that the 2016 Shanxi Provincial Science and Technology Week co-sponsored by the Provincial Party Committee Publicity Department, the Provincial Department of Science and Technology, and the Provincial Association for Science and Technology is scheduled to be launched in the province from May 14 to 21。At that time, our province will display a number of major scientific and technological innovation achievements, mass entrepreneurship and innovation achievements, and the provincial science popularization base within the province will also be fully open to the public for free, so that the public can have close contact with science popularization activities。

The theme of Science and Technology Week 2016 is "Innovation Leads Shared Development"。Main content of the activity,First, we will showcase a number of major achievements in scientific and technological innovation and mass entrepreneurship and innovation,Build up national confidence and pride,Enhance public awareness of science and technology;Second, we will organize the opening of high-end scientific and technological resources to the public,To make technology accessible to the public, especially young people,Experience the charm of technology,Stimulate the interest in innovation and creation;Third, we will carry out science popularization activities on special topics,Popularize the basic knowledge of hot issues such as food safety, air quality, emergency avoidance, low-carbon energy saving, and healthy living;The fourth is to launch a number of interactive, edutainment exhibition products, videos, micro videos, animation, games and other popular science products,Promote public understanding of science。

The Science and Technology Week in our province has been held for more than ten consecutive sessions since 2001, and has become a popular science activity with extensive social influence and popular among the masses。By holding a series of colorful and diverse forms of mass science and technology activities, the purpose is to revitalize innovation vitality, enhance innovation ability, fully display and publicize the development prospects of science and technology in our province, open up the channel of science and technology and economic and social development, and encourage the whole society to focus on opening the innovation situation of clean and clean, rich and strong province。