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The six services make it easier to handle taxes and upgrade the online tax declaration platform, which can reduce the amount of filling in the quarterly corporate income tax returns by 82%
Shanxi Daily 2016-04-04
2016/4/4 17:30:54

(Reporter Yue Jinfeng correspondent Niu Jundong) Since April 1, the province's taxpayers will experience higher quality tax services, all taxpayers in the online declaration form, declaration logic automatic verification, automatic data differentiation, intelligent report generation。The new service will reduce VAT returns by 90% and quarterly corporate income tax returns by 82%。This is just one of the "six services" introduced by the provincial Internal Revenue Service。
In order to improve the quality of tax service and better serve the replacement of business tax with value-added tax, the provincial National Tax Administration has optimized and upgraded the original system on the basis of the original system, forming an "online declaration system upgrade version" that integrates data service, intelligent service, policy service, precision service, credit service and joint service to create real personalized service products。Use new technologies to access a wide range of taxpayer data in different tax software,Enable taxpayers to log into one platform to view data from multiple platforms,Greatly reduce the burden of taxpayers repeatedly logging in to different platforms to query transcribed data;Achieve a high degree of integration between reports and policies,Taxpayers in the process of filling in the form,You can read the policy for the items you fill in,The process of declaration evolves into the process of learning policy;In-depth analysis of tax-related behavior data,Taxpayer portrait,Customized policy package, declaration package, risk warning package,According to the differentiated characteristics of different types of taxpayers,Push "point-to-point" "personalized + differentiated" service products;Trace management of taxpayer behavior,To realize real-time, dynamic and whole-process evaluation of taxpayers' credit status;Reserve interface for land tax,After completing VAT and excise tax returns,The city maintenance and construction tax, education fee additional declaration form automatically pops up,Taxpayers with related businesses can complete the declaration through the platform。