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2015 Shanxi Province construction project "Fenshui Cup Award" review meeting
2016.1.26 Photo by Wang Zhengxiang
2017/1/4 9:27:55

20161222015The annual Shanxi Province construction project "Fenshui Cup Award" review meeting was held in Shanxi Hotel, Taiyuan。

Shanxi Construction Industry Association Executive Vice President Zhang Xinmin, Vice president and secretary-general Liu Yuquan attended the meeting。

Judging committee by Jia Dingyi as the director, to Mingming, Li Deming as deputy director from the province's major large-scale enterprises, deputy chief engineer, etc11The province is composed of well-known experts。

The experts carefully listened to the four expert review team leaders on the declaration of Fenshui cup award project review report, and browse the project image data。The experts carefully commented on the various materials from a professional point of view。Agree that2015Most of the annual declaration of Fenshui Cup projects are well-organized, effective measures, novel design, construction focus on green, energy saving and emission reduction, the application of new technology, new technology projects increase, the quality of all engineering departments start from every detail, the awareness of innovation is enhanced, and the project user satisfaction generally continues to improve。

After carefully evaluating the projects applying for the Fenshui Cup Award one by one, the experts expressed their opinions on the projects and signed the decision2015Shanxi Province construction project Fenshui Cup project23项。

Liu Yuquan concluded at the review meeting: Yesterday we held the review meeting of the annual management awards, and today we held the review meeting of the Fenshui Cup Award, which is for us2015A review and summary of the annual work。Both meetings are important work of the provincial association。Especially the evaluation of the Fenshui Cup Award, which is the top priority of our work。After the serious and responsible efforts of the experts, we were selected2015The annual Fenshui Cup award project, which is a review of the quality of the construction industry in the province。Fenshui Cup Award is the highest quality award of construction engineering in Shanxi Province, and it is an important work in line with Luban Award and National Excellent Engineering Award。It is also a prerequisite for applying for the Luban Award and the National Excellent Project Award。The provincial construction association has attached great importance to this work over the years。We need to adapt to the new normal,Combined with the national project quality control action for two years,Pay more attention to project quality, safety, green, environmental protection, emission reduction, integrity and other work,Adhere to the principle of choosing the best from the best and preferring the best to the worst,Constantly revise and improve the connotation and conditions of evaluation according to the new situation and new requirements,Make our province this brand highlight project more and more evaluation,Thus leading to promote our province construction industry engineering quality to a new level,Get more healthy and sustainable development。