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2014 Shanxi Province project construction "Fenshui Cup Award" review meeting was held in Taiyuan
Photo by Wang Zhengxiang and Yang Shaohua
2016/2/25 11:38:34

8202014The annual Shanxi Province project construction "Fenshui Cup Award" review meeting was held in Taiyuan。

Liu Yuquan, Vice President and Secretary General of the Provincial Construction Association, attended the meeting and made a speech。

The review will be presided over by Song Yushan, Minister of Quality and Safety Technology Department of the Provincial Construction Association。He first informed the jury experts about the jury's office2014The annual project construction "Fenshui cup Award" project information declaration, the project review work of the preliminary evaluation of the preliminary review, and the conditions of the review were emphasized。

Liu Yuquan, Vice president of the Construction Association, pointed out that our "Fenshui Cup Award" is the highest award for provincial construction project quality in Shanxi Province。This honor is very precious and enjoys a high reputation both inside and outside the province。"Fenshui Cup Award" project is our Shanxi engineering construction benchmarking, model project, is our Shanxi construction enterprises at all levels deeply value and actively create a brand project award。With the situation and the requirements of the superior departments, we are adjusting and revising the evaluation conditions and requirements year by year to make this award more fair, just and reasonable, and more in line with the reality of our Shanxi Province。We are expert judges, we must be strict, serious and responsible, and really evaluate our "Fenshui Cup Award" project, so that the work can achieve openness, fairness, justice, unity, energy, and the level of our "Fenshui Cup Award" project。Although Shanxi is not a big province and strong province in the construction industry, the level of our "Fenshui Cup Award" project cannot be low, the quality cannot be reduced, and our evaluation must reflect the principle of fair competition。Focus on quality。Engineering quality is the core, is the first。We do this with a responsible attitude towards the business, towards the owners and towards history。

After recommending the director and deputy director of the evaluation committee, each project review team will report back。The report has both written and video data, with graphic and graphic materials。The judges carefully evaluated each project one by one, and finally voted by secret ballot。

The jury finally decided2014Shanxi Province annual project construction "Fenshui cup Award" project36项。Shanxi construction industry association2014The annual Shanxi Province project construction "Fenshui Cup Award" review will be successfully concluded in warm applause。