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Focus on improving the professional ability of project managers to consciously fulfill and assume social responsibilities
2014/7/20 17:05:29

China Construction Industry Association engineering project management committee

  Over the past 35 years of reform and opening up, China's construction industry has maintained a momentum of rapid growth, and the total output value of the construction industry in 2013 has reached 15.9 trillion yuan, the proportion of added value in GDP is 6.86%, a record high, as a pillar industry of the national economy, basic industries, livelihood industries continue to consolidate its position。The 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China made a strategic choice of "promoting the benign interaction and common development of new industrialization, urbanization, informatization and agricultural modernization", and the construction industry is facing a new development situation and strategic tasks, as the backbone force to promote the development of the construction industry, project managers bear an extremely important historical mission。To this end, project managers must strive to improve their professional ability and have the courage to assume the social responsibility given by The Times。
  I. Development objectives of the construction industry and historical mission of project managers
  The construction industry has a close relationship with the country's economic development, social progress and the improvement of people's living standards。With the continuous improvement of China's socialist market economic system and the substantial increase of urban and rural capital construction investment, the construction industry has completed the large-scale urban and rural capital construction tasks and made unprecedented brilliant achievements。A large number of major projects with complex structure, high technical content and great difficulty in construction have been completed,In some fields of construction technology to reach the international leading or advanced level;Making outstanding contributions to changing the urban and rural landscape and improving the living environment;The construction industry has become an important industry to absorb a large number of surplus rural labor force and effectively promote the harmonious development of urban and rural areas,It has made great contributions to national economic and social development。
  At present, the business scope of the construction industry has been integrated into all aspects of society, economy and people's lives, and the development of any industrial sector cannot be separated from the basic supporting role, driving role and service role of the construction industry。Although the construction industry as a whole is not a high-tech industry, but any grand construction blueprint needs to go through the construction process to become a reality, even the most modern high-tech industry, but also need to go through the construction and installation activities, in order to make modern equipment, equipment unit synthesis, the formation of industrial production capacity。Although the current construction industry is a traditional labor-intensive industry, it has the characteristics of advancing with The Times。According to the basic principles of Marxist economics, the construction industry is an indispensable special industry in the whole social production and the realization of social expansion and reproduction。Decades of practice and facts have proved that,China is a developing country with a vast territory, a large population, a large labor force and unbalanced economic development,In a period of strategic opportunity and even a longer period of historical development,We will continue to vigorously develop the construction industry as a multi-functional, multi-level, inclusive and flexible pillar industry,It is of great significance to meet the challenges of the new technological revolution and the industrial revolution, to achieve the objectives of macro-control, to solve social employment, to eliminate poverty, to alleviate social contradictions, to stabilize social order, and to build a harmonious home。
  On March 16 this year, the CPC Central Committee and The State Council officially issued the National New Urbanization Plan (2014)?2020年)》,It further clarified the path, main goals and strategic tasks of urbanization development in China in the future,It is a macroscopic, strategic and basic plan to guide the healthy development of national urbanization construction.It is proposed to construct two horizontal axes with the land bridge passage and the passage along the Yangtze River,The three vertical axes are coastal, Beijing-Harbin, Beijing-Guangzhou and Bao-Kunming passage,It is based on urban agglomeration and node cities on the axis, and other urbanization areas are important components,The "two horizontal and three vertical" urbanization strategic pattern of coordinated development of large, medium and small cities and small towns。With a larger space to the quality of construction products, green city construction, real estate industry, shantytown transformation and other more clear tasks and more stringent requirements。
  At the National Housing and Urban-Rural Construction Work Conference held last year and the recent construction industry reform and Development Work Conference, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development put forward new goals and new tasks of "promoting the modernization of the construction industry"。Looking at the history of human development, especially the development history of social division of labor, the evolution process of the construction industry is from the original construction industry to the traditional construction industry, and then to the modern construction industry, which is the inevitable trend of historical development and social progress。At this stage, the development of China's construction industry is in a critical period facing major breakthroughs and fundamental changes, and it is urgent to have a clear grand goal and vision in the top-level design of the industry。"Construction industry modernization" puts forward a framework with more profound connotation, broader vision and broader scope,It is in line with the inevitable trend of the transformation of the construction industry from traditional industry to modern industry,It will also be more conducive to advancing a new type of urbanization, building a beautiful China, and realizing the Chinese dream of great national renewal,While further strengthening the actual status of the construction industry as a basic industry, pillar industry and livelihood industry,It can also play a positive role in leading the construction industry in the process of realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese dream。
  Second, the project manager must strive to improve the professional ability
  To adapt to the future development opportunities of the construction industry and