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The implementation of "quality improvement" strategy
2022/3/25 16:09:03

Improve the carrier of "quality improvement" strategy implementation??Xinhe School

    Why is it calledXinhe School"Instead of callingTraining center?Partly because it sounds a bit more elegant, but more because it has a different connotation。Training center, is you come to my training, I train you。Xinhe School, is I to create a platform for you, everyone to learn together, which is based on students, reflectedpeople-orientedThe idea of。

    Now, the system of Xinhe Academy is more perfect。From the vertical point of view, Xinhe School has three levels: headquarters, branch and evening school。Among them, the night school is responsible for daily management, which is divided into staff night school and migrant workers night school。The staff night school is run by branches, including company organs, branch offices, regional management departments and project management departments。Night school has exams, credits, evaluations。Night school for migrant workers extends training to migrant workers, which is rightPrinciple of five harmoniesThe implementation of。From the horizontal point of view, Xinhe College currently has six departments, among which,Graduate Student Department, Project Manager Department, Qualification Department, Vocational Skills DepartmentThese four divisions are associated with the four major career pathways。In addition, set oneFaculty of online EducationPut good courses online。And finally, one moreAcademic Education Division

    The improvement of quality should be combined with work and performance。The improvement of quality will ultimately be reflected in the improvement of performance。On the whole, through a set of systems from the system to the evaluation system, our quality improvement strategy can be implemented。

    Grasp the key to the implementation of quality improvement strategy??Capacity building of leading cadres

    First, we must emphasize the supreme awareness of rules。The first rule of Office five isRule is supreme。Now some people are caught blank about this matter, and do not know what to do and what not to do。Red lines, high voltage lines can not be stepped on!Emphasis should be placed on a sense of rules。Including the leadership decision-making system, must be done in accordance with the rules。Whether it is a person or an enterprise, if you want to go far and go long, you still have to be honest and have some rules。Of course, don't be too rigid and set yourself up to die, and innovate when it's time to innovate。However, big problems must not be solved and directional mistakes must not be made, otherwise there will be disastrous and uncontrollable consequences。That's something no one wants to see。

    Second, we should emphasize the endless learning, external learning and internal cultivation。Some comrades will try to ask for leave as soon as they study。I don't read books, I don't look at bureau documents, I take them for granted, I immerse myself in past achievements。This is a relatively shallow expression, a kind of fixed performance。That's a no-no。So, how can we learn without end, learn outside and cultivate inside?Using body language to express it is called五学: Eye, ear, hand, foot, mind。

    眼学。It is necessary to read the original work and read the classics, and can not be satisfied with hearsay and partial knowledge。Tao Te Ching5000The Analects of Confucius10000Many words, it is worth us to see and learn repeatedly, because every time we see it is different, and the understanding will be deeper。You can't just listen to that快餐Sometimes something downloaded from the Internet is wrong。Leading comrades had better spend a little time reading the original work, otherwise a lot of understanding may not be in place。

    耳学。Be a good listener and communicate and interact more in person, not just online or in writing。I remember Hillary.?Clinton once said something to the effect that no amount of advanced media in the world can replace face-to-face communication。Because in the process of face-to-face communication, sometimes an action, or even a look, will immediately convey some connotation to you。If it's not face-to-face communication, you don't have this experience, you don't have this gain。

    手学。Is to develop the habit of taking notes, usually pay attention to some knowledge, including their own work in the perception and experience, at any time to record, often to review, to ponder。I have an experience, suddenly think of an inspiration, if you don't write it down, after a while you will forget。As they say, a good memory is better than a bad pen。Of course, now there are new carriers, not only with a pen, but also with a mobile phone, with a computer to remember, it is okay。However, moving hands is different, must not be lazy。

    脚学。It is to read ten thousand books and travel ten thousand miles。Don't just be a theorist, be a doer。If you just summarize a set of words, it sounds good, but it can't be implemented in practice, which is not convincing。?The same is true of the practice of culture, which we can now callLonely at the topThe reputation has gone out, if it is not done well, it will give the outside world a bad impression。I feel that when there are no achievements, or when the achievements are not fully recognized, there is still a little less八股Taste a set of things。Otherwise, if you're enjoying yourself, you'll look funny to others。When you've done that, it's not too late。We must be down-to-earth, learn from practice, and summarize and improve in practice。

    心学。It is necessary to understand and think, understand, draw inferences from one another, and do the work of the people。Figuratively speaking, we want to break up the knowledge we have learned and put it into practice。Simply to set, will be a loss。There's a phrase calledThe best way to operate is in the heart。It's like we're all listening to the lecture, but everyone's degree of acceptance is not the same after they go back。It depends on the degree to which knowledge is broken by the processing machines that go through your brain。Break, then pinch, the effect must be very good。Why do some people have fewer words, because he does not know the connotation of the word, can not experience, can not feel。So, not only to learn, but also to learn。

    做好五学This is the basic skill of a leading cadre。Strengthen the construction of learning organization and buildBookish building”“Book five bureauIt requires that we must improve the quality and ability of leading cadres, so that there is no limit to learning and external learning and internal cultivation。

    Third, we should emphasize responsibility and dedication。As a leader, the responsibility is very heavy。It can be said that how dedication and sense of responsibility determine work performance。

    Fourth, we must be courageous and set an example。Don't just ask others, be responsible。When something goes wrong, either the subordinate is not doing a good job, or the colleague does not understand, or the leader does not support, or it is……What's the point of making excuses like this?Can't blameThe Communists are too cunningI only have my own incompetence to blame。All the things, no matter good or bad, it is meaningless to push on others, others will not bear any responsibility, and ultimately have to bear themselves。Must have the spirit of responsibility。At the same time, to lead by example, ask employees to do, they must first do, and even employees can not do, they first do a demonstration。This is the state of a leader。

    Fifth, we should emphasize overall planning and control of the overall situation。Some comrades cannot grasp the principal contradiction, cannot play the piano, and cannot distinguish between priorities, which is the inability to control the overall situation。This requires us to encounter problems and contradictions, we must learn to analyze, which is the key, which is the bottleneck, a few more times such exercise, you can grasp, their ability to improve。

    Sixth, it is necessary to emphasize the team and cultivate talents。We always say that the quality of the enterprise is not in the army。The development of the five bureau in these years has provided so many platforms for everyone, and everyone's quality should be greatly improved after exercise。When our leading cadres come out, their words and actions must be decent, they must sit and stand, they must speak appropriately, and they must behave in a standard manner。Even in the face of the media, how to express, but also to cultivate home。Because as a public company, public figures, there may be such occasions, when the time is at a loss, it will be laughed at, and even bring serious impact to the enterprise。At work, when you encounter some difficult things, such as the owner's arrears, do not take that kind of dirty practice, one is to organize a group of people to make trouble。At every turn to block, surround, make trouble, it is too no way, too poor level, too poor quality。As a modern enterprise, can not engage in these things, to maintain the image of the enterprise。Now with the big owners, it's a bitter relationship, one place can not be handled, it will affect the whole five games。Not because of our decision-making mistakes, not because of our management is not in place, to the development of the enterprise, to our colleagues and related parties, bring significant losses。Therefore, strengthening the quality and ability construction of leading cadres is a key link of the quality improvement strategy。

    Focus on the implementation of the strategy for improving quality??Youth growth

    We should attach great importance to the growth of youth in thought and be full of enthusiasm in practice。Make good use of human resourcesSeventy percent ruleConcerned with the growth of youthSeven worries

    One is the annoyance of career development。Not every employee puts salary in the first place, and many pursue their own career development。The second is the annoyance of rotation exercise。For young people, it is impossible not to rotate, but not too often。As a leader, we should consciously design some career channels for young people, care for him more, love him, and carry out post exercises in a planned way, so that he will grow faster。The third is the trouble of learning to improve。To give young people the opportunity to learn, to constantly train him, to educate him, to provide him with a place and environment to learn。The fourth is the annoyance of salary and welfare。Young people just start work, and their income may be relatively low. How to make use of their expectation and desire to increase income, link it with performance, and promote the development of the enterprise。The fifth is the growing environment of trouble。To be honest, it is not easy for a person to meet a good object, it is not easy to meet a good wife, and it is not easy to meet a good boss, good colleagues, and good subordinates。Therefore, for young people, leaders should pay attention to his growth environment。If he does not have a temper with his direct superiors, it is also possible to change an environment and resolve the negative things。Six is the trouble of home ownership。Some problems, sometimes not necessarily immediately to him to solve, you pay attention to, his heart is comfortable。If he says it a few times and you don't pay attention, you can't solve it and you don't respond upward, then it's not going to work。To make friends with him, sincerely to help him, so that he will be more than willing to pay for the enterprise, to fight。Seven is the trouble of dedication。Some young people are somewhat different, choose this flat, not this flat;Choose this position, do not choose this position, in fact, there is not much reason, many times with a feeling。

    We should pay more attention to young people and do more to guide them。Those who enjoy suffering are happy people。Learn to sacrifice and enjoy, enjoy sacrifice。Because some people don't, it's annoying all the time。Leaders should take targeted measures to protect the growth of young people against these troubles。

    From "Construction Enterprise Management" magazine2013第4期   The author is Lu Guiqing, chairman of China Construction Fifth Engineering Bureau Co., LTD)