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"Five high-end" to create China's first strong institute - the sixth institute to seize the commanding heights of China's equipment manufacturing and modern manufacturing service industry engineering design
2014/7/20 17:03:10

2012年,The sixth Design and Research Institute of Machinery Industry Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the "sixth Institute of China Machinery") clearly put forward,Within 3 years, "develop high-end business, seize high-end market, lead high-end technology, cultivate high-end talents, and build high-end brands" as the company's action program,We will accelerate the pace of transformation and upgrading,Promote the upgrading of general engineering design to the "three intelligences" (intelligent engineering design, intelligent construction, and intelligent operation throughout the life cycle),To realize the upgrading of general products to digital and green intelligent products。In 2012, the total amount of contracts signed by the sixth hospital of China Airport was 53.500 million yuan, of which the contract amount of design business increased by 37%, the operating income increased by 26%, and the total profit increased by 44%。

Develop high-end business

In the engineering construction business chain, engineering consulting and design is a high-end business, and supervision is a low-end business.Engineering design itself, scheme and preliminary design are high-end business, and construction drawings are low-end business。The sixth hospital aims at high-end business,Seize the opportunity of the professional integration of the country's nine major industrial industries and the company to obtain the national engineering design comprehensive Grade A qualification,Relying on technology, green, smart technology advantages and market access advantages,Give full play to the leading advantages in the green building performance simulation business in industrial and civil building physical property analysis (sound, light, heat, etc.), outdoor wind environment, indoor air flow organization and pollutant diffusion, economic and environmental assessment, people flow and vehicle simulation and other fields,Actively expand the business of industrial and civil building green project consulting, building performance simulation and optimization, and building fault diagnosis and analysis;Expand the research and manufacturing business of green and digital casting workshops, intelligent casting factories, intelligent furnaces and intelligent complete sets of equipment。The "Guidelines for the Evaluation of Green Industrial Buildings" compiled and promulgated by the Sixth Institute of China Industrial Engineering greatly promoted the development of the company's green consulting and evaluation business, and was used to guide the "green" planning and design of industrial buildings, construction acceptance, operation management and other businesses。

Seize the high-end market

With the adjustment of the national economic structure, a large number of original enterprises with high pollution, high energy consumption and high emissions have been shut down and transferred in the economic restructuring。China Sixth Hospital seize the opportunity of market transformation,Guided by the concept of "wisdom" and "green",In the design of urban planning, industrial agglomeration, industrial parks, large factories, urban complexes, hospitals, large public buildings, municipal engineering, super high-rise buildings and other projects,Give the project "wisdom" and "green" design concept,To the high-end design market transformation and development,To become the leader of domestic smart engineering and green engineering design and the promoter of national construction project energy saving, emission reduction and low-carbon policy。At the same time, it has vigorously developed high-end markets such as green and smart factories, green and smart hospitals, civil large-scale public buildings, municipal engineering, and super high-rise buildings。In 2012, the new projects represented by the three-dimensional integrated information system of Hangzhou Manufacturing Department of Zhejiang Tobacco Industry Co., LTD., the basic transformation of Alstom hydropower equipment, and the industrialization of Xuji intelligent microgrid and new energy control system have played a demonstration role in opening up the high-end market for the sixth Institute of China National Machinery。The international market has expanded to 28 countries and regions in Asia, Africa, South America and Europe。

Leading high-end technology

To seize the high-end market, we must first lead high-end technology。Leading high-end technology is the key and basis for developing high-end business and seizing high-end market。The high-end technology is divided into two categories: one is the high-end technology established and developed around engineering design, engineering construction and plant operation management;The other category is the high-end technology represented by "five new" (new products, new technologies, new equipment, new materials, new methods)。The sixth Institute of China National Aviation Engineering takes the overall lead in the "Three Five" Scientific and Technological Innovation Strategic Development Plan (2011, 2015),Scientific formulation of the "Engineering technology progress and innovation project management Measures", "Engineering technology progress and innovation award selection measures", "Engineering technology progress and innovation achievement reward measures" and other systems,Strengthen the organization, guidance and promotion of engineering technology centers。The sixth Hospital adopted BIM technology in the new hospital area project of the 155th Central Hospital of the Chinese People's Liberation Army,The green building performance was simulated and analyzed in the design, construction, operation and management of the whole life cycle of the hospital,Make it the first intelligent third class A hospital in Henan Province;The digital foundry demonstration project of Ningxia Shared Equipment Co., Ltd. was designed in accordance with the requirements of the "Guidelines for the Evaluation of Green Industrial Buildings",Make it become the first casting industry three-star design logo green industrial building。In 2012, the sixth Institute of technology innovation achievements are obvious, declared all kinds of awards, patents, software Copyrights and other more than 50, won provincial and ministerial level above all kinds of awards, 10 authorized patents。

Cultivate high-end talents

Talent is the foundation of a strong institute, and accelerating the implementation of the talent strategy, especially the training and introduction of high-end talents such as academician talents and industry experts, is an important content of the "Three Five" human resources and talent Strategy Development Plan "of the sixth Academy。In the specific practice, the sixth institute of Chinese machinery will focus on the processing technology diagnosis, casting engineering, new material engineering, municipal engineering, tobacco engineering, medical architecture, intelligent and information engineering and other fields of high-end talents as a focus of active training and introduction, and make them gradually become the company's chief experts in related fields。At the same time, we actively train top-notch engineering talents in general drawing logistics, architectural schemes, structural engineering, indoor and outdoor environmental engineering, energy conservation and emission reduction, and gradually form a first-class expert team in China。目前,There are 1 academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, 2 Masters of Engineering Design in China, 1 honorary senior member of the Royal Chartered Institute of Building Equipment Registered Engineers in the United Kingdom, 28 experts enjoying special government allowances, 110 senior researcher-level engineers, 486 senior engineers, 10 expert judges of Green Industrial buildings of China Urban Science Research Society, and Henan Green and WiseThere are 96 scientific researchers in the academician workstation of Energy Engineering and Technical diagnosis。Relying on high-end talents, from 2010 to 2012, the sixth Institute undertook a total of 3 national projects, 1 provincial projects, 3 national machinery Group projects, and 98 company projects。

Build a high-end brand

First-class enterprises create first-class brands。The sixth institute of the technology brand enterprise positioning in 5 aspects: brand design, brand engineering, brand service, brand management, brand culture,And from the creation of first-class brand culture,Actively cultivate a strong sense of service, a strong sense of quality, a strong sense of responsibility, a strong sense of innovation, and a strong sense of "first" staff,Then create a "first-class design, first-class service, first-class reputation" corporate image。The sixth Institute has always adhered to the concept of "do a project, build a brand", and actively carried out the management planning of the brand project from the beginning of the project bidding, and made good quality and innovation planning for the identified brand project requirements during the contract review, and then established the image and brand through the project。When consulting and designing the new factory project of BoSCO Building Systems (Xi 'an) Co., LTD., the consulting team strictly followed the requirements of the "Guidelines", carried out green consulting work throughout the whole construction process of the project, and innovatively proposed green industrial buildings in the project planning stage