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● China Social Organization Evaluation Grade AAAAA ● Two consecutive National Advanced (civil) Social organizations ● National Excellent Association ● National Advanced Association of Construction Industry ● Advanced Unit of community Construction in Shanxi Province ● Advanced Party organization of Social organizations in Shanxi Province
公告: Website notice
Shanxi Provincial Department of Civil Affairs on the province's social organizations to carry out "standardized business activities self-inspection and self-correction special action" notice November 2nd, 2020
The Party group of the Ministry of Civil Affairs conveyed the spirit of studying the Fifth Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee of the Party November 2nd, 2020
The 2020 annual Engineering construction industry corporate culture Exchange Conference was held in Chengdu October 20, 2020
The first meeting of the 7th Member Congress of China Construction Industry Association was held in Beijing September 2nd, 2020
The provincial Housing and Construction Department held the "Celebration of July 1, talk about the Party class" activity July 1st, 2020
Our province "safety production month" activity launched June 2nd, 2020
The province's poverty alleviation and housing security work teleconference was held March 23, 2020
Provincial housing and construction Department held the first meeting of the Safety Committee and the province's housing system safety production and dust control work teleconference March 13, 2020
The Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development issued a document to coordinate the promotion of epidemic prevention and control and quality and safety supervision to ensure the quality and safety of the project to prevent blind rush March 11, 2020
We will take multiple measures at the same time to actively promote the resumption of work and production in the construction industry March 10, 2020

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